Friday, December 31, 2010

Divisional Charts in Astrology - How to Analyse a Dasamsa

"How to Analyse: Dasamsa Chart."

Dasamsa is the divisional chart for studying the professional affairs in a nativity. New trends in the astrological applications are emerging in the fields of human resource development, scanning of macro environment for investments, setting up of new offices/joint ventures, timing of operations, developing leadership skills, developing concentration for studies, seeking help for emotional stability, seeking help for chronic diseases/prime sterility, analysis of aptitudes of children, etc.

Success in any field depends upon the leadership qualities. Various planets govern various traits of a dynamic personality. For example, for organising, acquiring and cultivating a diligent team, one requires a strong Sun in one's horoscope. Jupiter rules dependability, honesty and knowledge. Mars rules enterprising and aggressive persuasion. The Moon rules the public relations and imagination. Venus rules interactivity, teamwork and tolerance. The Sun and Jupiter rule the integrity while the planet Mercury rules the analytical and communicative capabilities. If any of the planets is weak in the horoscope, the traits ruled by the said planet remain weak endangering success. To avoid picking up the negative traits of net picking, viciousness, rudeness and increased excitability, and harnessing the positive traits, astrology offers strengthening of concerned weak planets. Choosing the right profession, averting setbacks in profession and deriving prosperous results from one's profession for the ultimate peaceful life with the help of the astrological science, is of paramount importance. For detailed study of prime and secondary determinants of profession, the readers may refer to my book, "How to Avert Professional Setbacks."

Predicting the profession of a native is quite a tricky job and is one of the most sought after fields in the predictive astrology. Numerous areas and highly competitive environment - be it business, service, profession, politics, etc., and its magnitude, are the areas, which have charged the atmosphere. This makes it quite difficult for the decision-makers to identify one which should be most suitable from the point of view of success, and also the potentialities of the seekers. There are a number of factors that help us in arriving at a decision on this vital issue and these are as under:

1. The strength and placement of the planet(s) becoming prime and secondary determinant(s) of profession. For example, the sign of a kingly planet like the Sun, the Moon, or affluent planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars, etc. indicate the high degree of affluence of the profession of a native and the income earned.

2. The planetary influences on the houses ruling professional matters.

3. The strength of the operating planetary periods.

The study of the above factors holds the key to decipher the impact of the planetary configuration. Similarly, understanding the nature of planets becoming significator for profession and the planets exerting influence on these planets is necessary. The planets influencing the tenth house, the second house and/or the ascendant, if there is no mooltrikona both in the tenth and second houses, become the primary determinants of the professional matters. The lord of the ascendant of dasamsa containing a mooltrikona sign becomes additional prime determinant of profession. The operating planetary periods between the age of 16 to 24 years become supplementary primary determinants of one's educational/professional pursuits besides the planets influencing the houses ruling professional matters.

The weak planets and/or afflictions to them cause the problems in life. Therefore, a two way application of astral remedies is administered, after diagnosing the problematic planetary influences in a chart. Firstly, the strength is provided to the weak functional benefic planets. The strength can be provided by various methods, for example; gemstones, color therapy, a Kavach (Zodiac Pendant) containing mystical numbers of the planets in an auspicious time. Secondly, the malevolence of the functional malefic planets is reduced by offering propitiatory charities concerning these planets. The two-way application helps in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influences to a large extent. The preventive use of astral remedies is much more useful than the curative astral remedies. Generally, people resort to astral remedies in the end after trying all other therapies ignoring the distinct advantage of preventive diagnostic power of the astrological science. Needless to stress, the benefit of preventive astrological remedial measures is better than the curative measures.

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