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Divisional Charts in Astrology - How to Analyse Navamsa Chart

"Divisional Chart : How to Analyze a Navamsa Chart "

Marriage is an institution for the continuance of mankind and for living together of the husband and wife in perfect harmony, both at mental and physical levels. In fact, it is one of the major factors required for the achievements in life, as it coincides with the age group of a person when one is fit to do anything constructive and at one's own. Before attaining the marriageable age one is in one's childhood followed by early youth, studying and grooming oneself under the guardianship of one's parents and making him/her ready for attempting to shoulder the burden of life and attaining the meaning of his life. The most active life of a person can be grouped between the years from 25 to 50. This is the time when one can do anything with zeal and for promoting not only one's own generation but for the growth of the society and the world, at large. He/she requires a permanent partner for deliberation and taking decisions in the form of a spouse, who caters to his/her physical needs also. The attainments of a person in life are mainly dependent on his/her successful married life. That is why in the horoscope format the house opposite the ascendant has been allotted for the marriage inter alia other things. All other houses i.e. karma (the house of actions) and general happiness of life are sidelined. So after the ninth and/or fourth house containing mooltrikona sign(s) and the ascendant which sustain the person in his early life, the next in importance stands the seventh house, the house of marriage. It is believed that a person, who is blessed with a peaceful and happy married life, can maintain mental equilibrium and contribute his/her share for the growth of society both in materialistic and spiritual fields.

The consideration of navamsa chart (the divisional chart for assessing marital happiness) is imperative along with the rasi chart. For detailed study of prime and secondary determinants of marriage, the readers may refer to my book, "How to Analyse Married Life."

The marriage can be termed both as bliss and bane. The strong placement of the prime and secondary determinant(s) of marriage and good position of these planets in navamsa with benefic influences on these provide the native with timely and happy marriage, making the life bliss. On the other hand if the determinants are weak the marriage becomes baneful on any of the following accounts:

1. The spouse may be ill-tempered.
2. The spouse may be frigid.
3. The spouse/self may lack good health.
4. The marriage may be considerably delayed.
5. The birth of children may be delayed/ children may suffer illness or early death/ lack of progeny.
6. Lack of mental compatibility.
7. Divorce/separation due to any of the foregoing factors individually or collectively in the unfavorable dasa/bhukti in operation.
8. The vacuum in life created by marriage being denied.
9. Separative forces associated with houses/significators of marriage.

Cent percent marital bliss is a rare phenomenon. However, there are cases where the discords in marital affairs are momentary. The astrology can be helpful to a large extent, in avoiding the circumstances leading to the baneful happenings by matching the horoscopes for mental compatibilities, supplementing the planetary drawbacks in the horoscope of intending matches and seeing whether operational periods will have any bad effect on the marital alliance. Although it is said that marriages are settled in heaven, yet there is lot of help that can be provided by astrology in the manner mentioned in the preceding sentence and suggestion of remedial measures for strengthening the weak planets, as well as, by performing propitiatory remedies for the afflicting functional malefic planets. There are numerable combinations mentioned in the classical texts on happy marriage, remarriage death of spouse etc. but these only fructify during the sub-periods of planets forming such combinations. Advance astrological advice for the impending circumstances provides mental strength to the natives for bearing the tension and strains.

I would cite a few cases where marital happiness had eluded the married partners because of the problems in some of the fields mentioned earlier in this chapter because of weak/afflicted/ill-placed and malefically associated significators.

Native born on 17th November, 1961, 1400 Hrs. 77E13 28N39 TZ 5.30 Hours. The lord of the ascendant occupies the twelfth house in association with the debilitated Jupiter. The lord of the ascendant is additionally weak due to its being in the state of infancy. The lord of the seventh house, the Sun, too is in the state of infancy. The lord of the ninth house is closely conjunct with the lord of the eighth, Mercury, who is functionally malefic for the native.

Exalted Moon, who is the sixth lord in the main chart occupies the navamsa ascendant. Jupiter is associated with Rahu in navamsa.

In sapthamsa ascendant is occupied by its lord, the Moon, and afflicted by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The significator for children though occupying a friendly sign in sapthamsa is weak in the main chart.

The native is having inharmonious relations with his wife. He is totally selfish. His wife is so unhappy with him that she wanted to commit suicide. The native was married in the dasa of Saturn and sub-period of Jupiter. The onset of the main period of Mercury, ruling eighth and afflicting Venus, the ninth lord and significator for wife, the situation has become further grave. The native was blessed with a male child in the sub-period of Jupiter. The child is retarded and a Mongolian child.

Female born 1st October, 1953, 1739 Hrs. 77E13 28N39 TZ 5.30 Hours.
The planets the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in their state of infancy. Mars, lord of the second is in the sixth house along with the lord of the eight house, Venus. The lord of the seventh house is in the 5th house in close conjunction with the lord of the twelfth house. The lord of the sixth house is in the seventh house in close conjunction with the middle point of the seventh house. All indicating extreme afflictions to the significator of a happy married life.

Rahu aspects navamsa ascendant, Mercury, the lord of the seventh house of the main chart is in the twelfth house of the navamsa chart.

The chart pertains to a lady who is highly qualified professional and is having very strained marital relationship. Due to physical weakness of the husband signified by weak Mercury in close association of Saturn, the native was involved with a person of low status for gratification of senses. As Rahu is closely aspecting the Moon, the lady has also become addict to intoxication and treats her husband and other family members in a very shabby manner.

Female born 10th February, 1954, 0515 Hrs. 77E04 28N37 TZ 5.30 Hrs. The strain in married life is due to lack of progeny. The lord of the fifth house is placed in the twelfth house, though in its own sign. The significator for male children is in the sixth house. The fifth house is occupied by the lord of the eighth house, the Moon, in close conjunction with the middle point of the house. The fifth house, its lord and significator are weak and severely afflicted. Venus, the lord of the house of fulfilment of desires, is weak due to being in the state of infancy.

In Sapthamsa the ascendant rises with sign Taurus, whose lord is weak. The significator for children, Jupiter is in the twelfth house. Mars the lord of the fifth house of the main chart is in the second house of Sapthamsa. The Sapthamsa ascendant and the Moon are aspected by Ketu.

Due to the weakness of planets becoming ruler and significators for children, the native could not be blessed with a child in the main period of Mars and sub-period of Rahu and Jupiter in the main period of Rahu. The native has been suggested performance of propitiatory measures for the afflicting planets and strengthening measures for the weak planets to augment the prospects of the fifth house. In such cases chances of birth of children, without the support of remedial measures are very few.

Finding suitable matches these days have become very difficult because most of the persons are following materialistic approach in life; people known to each other are scattered all over and have different educational and cultural backgrounds because of the job/business opportunities; the large distances involved; the women entering the fields of taking up jobs and managing business in pursuit of meeting the hard life of the day, for having financial independence and meeting unforeseen calamities of widowhood/divorce; etc. The approach to be followed has to take all these constraints into account. At the same time the approach is true to timing of all events whether it is marriage, birth of a child, purchase of a flat/plot, conveyance, starting a business, etc.

Whenever, somebody contacts an astrologer for timing of marriage, he/she fulfils the first and foremost requirement of this particular event and that is the 'Intention of marriage' which is one of the main factors in this regard apart from the native's being of marriageable age. The delay, if any, is attributable basically to the weakness of or afflictions to the determinants of marriage. Whether the horoscope promises a marriage or not, is also analysed. The important combinations for marriage hold good only if the participating planets do not suffer weakness and afflictions. However, for a more systematic study, we may follow an integrated approach:

1. The chart is cast correctly with navamsa and dasa/bhukti worked out.

2. The strength of the determinants of marriage is identified.

3. Which are the planets that are connected with the ascendant in navamsa by way of aspect/placement or are in kendra/trine to the navamsa ascendant. The study of navamsa, which is the division concerned for marriage, is the backbone of this analysis.

4. The planets that become significators for marriage after studying 2 and 3 above are identified.

5. The selection of sub-period lord that is auspiciously placed in navamsa with reference to the lagna and the study of transit influences.

6. The afflictions caused to the planets, becoming determinants, to be removed by propitiation of planets.

7. The weakness of the planets becoming determinants to be removed by providing them strength by way of use of Gemstones/Planetary Kavach, etc.

8. The success in causing the events during the sub-periods of weak determinant is ruled out because a planet which is weak lacks power to protect/promote the houses/ significations ruled by it.

9. The determinant planet with strength, bestows auspicious results. Analysing as above, propitiating the functional malefic planets, strengthening the weak planets and selecting a sub-period auspicious on account of its placement in navamsa indicates the fulfillment of the object and that results in the marriage being celebrated in the indicated sub-period.

The planetary afflictions responsible for creating inharmonious relations immediately after the marriage are also taken into consideration. The periods and remedies are suitably suggested. The individuals whose chart otherwise show disturbed rnarital relations, are guided to avoid the same by restraint and following of astrological remedial measures. So far as the role of astrological remedial measures is concerned, it is supreme. The indications of astrology prove helpful only if we are able to change the unfavorable influences and mitigate evils.

Now, there might be occasions when the exact birth data of the person concerned for whom the marriage or some other event is to be timed, is not available. In such cases, we may draw a Prasna chart together with navamsa and the particular divisional chart and then time the events with the help of sub-periods calculated as per longitudes of the Moon of the Prasna chart. This method has been tried a number of times and has given excellent results. Prasna Chart 6th March, 1988, 1143 Hrs. 77E13 28N39 TZ 5.30 Hrs. This is a case where the marriage of a girl aged 35 years was timed with the help of Prasna chart and fructified within the time indicated.


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